Invisalign® Teen

Straight teeth without braces.

Invislaign Teen is made with the latest materials for comfort and results, customized to fit your teen perfectly. The treatment involves a series of clear, BPA-free plastic, removable aligners. It is a comfortable and virtually invisible option to get a straighter smile without wires and brackets.

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What is Invisalign® Teen?

When it comes to straightening your teen’s teeth, metal braces are not necessarily your only option. Invisalign® Teen is a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment option that is designed specifically for teenagers and comes without the restrictions of wires and brackets. Instead, Invisalign® uses a series of clear, removable aligners that have been custom-made for your teen’s teeth. Your teen simply wears them over their teeth and changes them out for a new set of aligners every two weeks. Gradually, your teen’s teeth will shift into place, achieving that confident, straight smile. 

How effective is Invisalign® Teen?

Invisalign® uses a series of clear, removable aligners that fit directly over your teeth. These aligners are a more aesthetic option for teens to get a straighter smile without metal braces. They are easy to clean and are removable which allows your teen to continue eating their favorite foods without restrictions or discomfort. When worn properly and according to the recommendations of our orthodontists, Invisalign® Teen can be as effective as traditional braces. Your teen could be a perfect candidate for Invisalign® Teen, to find out, simply schedule a consultation with our experts.

Invisalign® Teen Treatment Process

Every patient’s needs vary from one another so the treatment specifics will depend on your teen’s unique case. Typically, the treatment requires patients to wear their clear aligners for 20-22 hours per day. They should only be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. Each set of aligners needs to be worn for at least one week before moving on to the next pair. However, your teen’s orthodontist will be with you both along the way for advisement. With every new pair, the teeth will move into their new position little by little. The average treatment time is about the same as with traditional braces, but the actual length of your teen’s treatment depends on the severity of their condition.

Who is a good Invisalign® Teen candidate?

Teens who have erupting or erupted permanent dentition can benefit from Invisalign® Teen. During your consultation, our orthodontist will evaluate your teen’s specific dental issues and determine candidacy. At The Village Orthodontics, we will work with you to address your concerns and needs in order to help you and your teen find the most suitable orthodontic option. 

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